EULAB Laboratory and Technology Ltd.

About Us

Our Company was founded in year 2003 with registered capital of 80 Million Forint (~255.000 €).

The National Accreditation Authority (NAH – Nemzeti Akkreditáló Hatóság) audits our activities annually since 2003 and registered our accredited status as NAH-1-1220/2015 number.


  • Laboratory test and field examination of building materials used in highways, railways and structural architectures of monolithic structures.
  • Road surface monitoring
  • Prepare Sampling-, Technology Instructions and Quality Control Documents

Summary of the laboratory tests and field examinations in the accredited area:

  • Soil materials: identifying tests, Proctor compaction test for maximum dry density, determining soil density and bearing capacity on site.
  • Aggregates: identifying and mechanical tests
  • Tests of unbound and hydraulically bound mixtures.
  • Testing of hardened concrete
  • Asphalt concrete: determining void volume, mixture content and mechanical properties of asphalt mixtures.

More about accredited tests

 Tests without accreditation:

  • Deflection measurement, and deflection curve determination with Dynatest LWD 3031 deflectometer
  • Dynamic Probing.
  • Road surface surveying.

Where can You find us?

Our Company has seven laboratory units all over the country, with the head office located in Dunakeszi.  There are laboratories also in Tatabánya, Csorna, Vasvár, Székesfehérvár, Görbeháza, Múcsony. Additionally there are two mobile laboratories, momentarily based in Szarvas.

Organizational structure of  EULAB Ltd.

In 2005 our Company’s Quality Control System was supervised under the EN ISO 9001:2001 and the EN 14001:2005 standards and have been certified by the Qualicert Ltd. From 2005 the Quality Control System is being reviewed and certified annually.


In the past few years our Laboratory took part in many road and railway constructions.

The most significant of them are:

– Highway M6, section Érd – Dunaújváros
– Main road 4, Vecsés- Üllő bypass
– Highway M7, section Balatonkeresztúr-Sávoly
– Main road 37, expansion to four lanes
– Highway M43 section Szeged-Makó, phase I. and II., asphalt tests
– Liszt Ferenc National Airport, Terminal II.
– Sopron-Szentgotthárd railway construction
– Construction of Underground 4, structural concrete
– Construction of Power Station in Gönyű
– Szajol – Püspökladány railway construction
– South-Balaton I. railway construction
– Main road 21 expansion to four lanes (phase I.)
– MÁV 80 railway construction
– Main road 8, Székesfehérvár bypass
– Highway M44 construction
– South-Balaton II. railway construction
– Püspökladány-Ebes railway construction
– Main road 21expansion to four lanes (phase II.)

Since its foundation our Company was financially balanced and successful. and never had any public due.

EULAB Ltd. performs its main activity – in addition to the listed projects above -, across the country on a daily basis on many construction sites. One of our main goals is to support our Customers the most effective way – by carrying out our tests as quickly as possible, providing them the properties of used and built-in materials or materials intended to be used in a construction hence helping them plan their projects.

“… Quality Policy …”

Our company – as a testing laboratory – has been in contact with road condition surveys since 2008-2009, by monitoring of the transport routes at the construction of large linear facilities – such as the M43 Motorway section Szeged-Makó.

From 2010, mandated by several planning companies and the Hungarian Public Road Non-Profit Company (Magyar Közút Kht.) we took part in providing surveys needed in designing suburban roads, to be renovated during the Regional Operational Programs. In 2017 we made surveys, technical reviews and descriptions for more than 150 km of main and secondary roads for several planning companies.

In 2012 we have widened our dynamic measurement capabilities with a handheld three-sensor Dynatest LWD instrument, that we are able to use at locations where other, truck-mounted measuring methods – such as KUAB and Lacroix – can not be carried out. With this method, we can easily measure on more than one paths on the road and the deflection of the pavement widenings is also measurable. With the handheld LWD, as well as with its towed version, it is possible to define deflection curves, but due to lower load forces and less sensors, it is limited in the case of rigid track structures.

Dunakeszi, 2017. october 31.